As a milliner, clothing designer and entrepreneur, Behida Dolić is dedicated to building personal relationships. Every day, she forms deep connections with the clients she meets in her Hudson, NY shop, on Instagram and through her website. She takes pride in helping each individual select the perfect hat or outfit for their face, body and lifestyle, and often becomes friends with them in the process.

Behida is involved in every step of the design and creation of her merchandise. All hats are meticulously handmade in her Hudson workshop, with excruciating attention paid to every detail. All garments are impeccably produced in a family-run sewing room in New York City’s Garment District, using only the finest quality natural fibers—linen, cotton, wool and cashmere. Materials are always sourced from small, independent New York City businesses.

Behida‘s vision for the future is to continue growing her business in a personal and meaningful way. She aspires to open additional shops in Los Angeles, New York City and Europe. Eventually, she’d like to move all of her manufacturing to Bosnia, where she will
provide jobs to women in the country of her birth. Each garment will reflect the history of her homeland and the genesis of her business itself. In addition, she plans to contribute a portion of her profits to help find a cure for breast cancer, which is the number one killer of Bosnian women.