French Linen Masks

French Linen Masks

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French linen masks.

* All the masks have an insert for a filter.

In the notes at the checkout you must specify the color combination you would like to pre-order.

No returns on mask orders due to health and safety.

If nothing is written, you will receive a Black Mask w/ Floral Bow (As shown in photo.) 

Please Note that these are the only color combinations available***

The next pre-order will be going in on July 15th ***

Mask and Bow combinations are as listed below:

* Black Mask w/ White Bow

* Black Mask w/ Black Bow

* Black Mask w/ Floral Bow (As shown in the picture)

* Black Mask w/ Yellow Bow

* Black Mask w/ Red Bow

* White Mask w/ White Bow

* White Mask w/ Black Bow

* Burgundy Mask w/ Burgundy Bow

* Burgundy Mask w/ Floral Bow

* Natural Mask w/ Natural Bow

* Natural Mask w/ Floral Bow

* Pink Mask w/ Floral Bow

* Pink Mask w/ Pink Bow

* Red Mask w/ Red Bow

* Yellow Mask w/ Yellow Bow

*Navy Mask w/ Navy Bow

*Navy Mask w/ Floral Bow

*Navy Mask w/ White Bow

Blue and White Striped Mask w/ Blue and White Striped Bow



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