Behida Dolić Millinery is a small brick-and-mortar hat shop based in Hudson, New York. Each hat is made by hand, with care and with a lot of love. The hat you buy will be made to your measurements, and specially for you.

"Handmade to me means a reaction from a stranger that goes something like this: “Oh my God, where did you get that beautiful thing?” Then we both smile and the answer is mutually understood. "
-Behida Dolić 



Behida Dolić is a Bosnian-born milliner and designer based in New York. In the small village of kilim weavers and furniture builders where she grew up, “handmade” was a way of life. After fleeing the Bosnian War in 1998, Dolić studied art in San Francisco and Florence before discovering millinery. Entirely self-taught, she began her millinery business with one hat block and was propelled by its limitations to build her successful business. She operates her hat shop in Hudson, New York and her hats, praised as wearable works of art, are sold worldwide.